..no wait list

..no wait list

What started as a professional relationship…. grew to a budding friendship with bits and pieces of conversations about how we can  best serve kids,   along with a relationship with a living legacy foundation honoring a  local philanthropist and equestrian,  and a  flicker of fate  meeting with two of the most charitable, kind hearted, compassionate leaders in the field of Behavior analysis … and  led to the opening of A.C.E.  Behavior Solutions  in Lockport,IL in January 2020.  

The mission of A.C.E .is to achieve, connect and empower.   A.C.E. is dedicated to helping clients and families ACHIEVE meaningful, purposeful, active, fulfilling life long goals; CONNECT with their community, other families, and support for services; and to EMPOWER clients and their loved ones to effectively and actively  advocate for themselves.

A.C.E. is uniquely located , surrounded by nature, with opportunities for  clients to develop and practice  the essential skills that are the foundation for lifelong learning, well-being, and social development.

A.C.E understands the complexity of navigating the world of developmental delays, autism and  other disabilities.  The spectrum of services  offered are tailored to meet clients and families individual needs. A.C.E. staff  will be your partner for reaching your goals.  

Using the principles of behavior analysis,  A.C.E. does what matters. 

-Cindy & company

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